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What is RFID? The basic working principle of RFID

What is RFID?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, also known as electronic tags, is a communication technology that uses radio signals to identify specific targets and read and write related data. There is no need to identify mechanical or optical contact between the system and a specific target. It can realize fast reading and writing, non-visual recognition, mobile recognition, multi-target recognition, positioning and long-term tracking management. The identification work is not affected by the harsh environment, can achieve fast reading speed, and read information is safe and reliable. Therefore, RFID technology has a wide range of application prospects.

Radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It can automatically identify target objects and obtain relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work is suitable for various harsh environments. RFID is a simple wireless system with only two basic devices. It is used to control, detect and track objects. The system consists of an interrogator and multiple transponders.

Due to the rapid development of radio frequency technology, transponders are also called smart tags or tags. The RFID reader can communicate wirelessly with the electronic tag through the antenna, and can read and write the tag identification code and memory data. A typical reader includes a high-frequency module, a control unit, and a reader antenna.


The basic working principle of RFID

A complete RFID system consists of three parts: reader, tag with transponder and application software system. Its working principle is: the card reader sends out a specific frequency of radio wave energy to drive the transponder, and the circuit will send internal data. At this point, the reader will receive the data in order and interpret it, and then send it to the application for corresponding processing.

The information exchange between the card reader and the transponder is usually a half-duplex communication mode. In this case, the reader can provide energy, timing, and other related content to the passive transponder through coupling. In practical applications, the target identification information can be collected, processed, and transmitted remotely via Ethernet and other methods. The transponder is the main information carrier of its system. Most transponders currently on the market are composed of coupling elements (including coils, microstrip antennas, etc.) and passive application units composed of microchips. The reader can control and process the information center according to the structure and technology of the RFID system information. The card reader is usually composed of a transceiver module, a coupling module, an interface unit and a control module.

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