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Advantages of transistors

Compared with electron tubes, transistors have many advantages:

1. Reduce consumption: No matter how good an electron tube is, it will gradually degrade due to changes in cathode atoms and long-term gas leakage. Due to technical reasons, the same problem exists at the beginning of transistor manufacturing. With the advancement of materials and improvements in many aspects, the lifetime of transistors is usually 100 to 1000 times longer than that of electron tubes.

The power consumption is only 1/10 or tens of times that of the electron tube. It does not need to heat the filament to generate free electrons like electron tubes. For example, you can listen to a transistor radio for half a year or more with a few dry batteries, which is difficult for a tube radio.


2. No need to warm up: You start working as soon as you turn on the machine. For example, a transistor radio, you can hear the sound as soon as it is turned on, and when the transistor TV is turned on, the image will appear quickly. But tube equipment cannot do this. Obviously, transistors have huge advantages in electrical equipment, medical treatment, and industrial measurement.

3. Robust and reliable: Because of its impact resistance and vibration resistance, it is more reliable than pipes. In addition, transistors can be used in small, complex, and reliable circuits due to their smaller size and less heat release. Although the manufacturing process of the transistor is accurate, the process is simple, which helps increase its mounting on the device.

4. Importance: Transistors are the key active components in all modern appliances. The importance of transistors in today’s society is mainly because they can be mass-produced using a highly automated process, thereby greatly reducing unit production costs.

Although millions of monolithic transistors are still in use, most transistors are assembled on microchips (chips) with diodes, resistors, and capacitors to form a complete circuit. Analog or digital design or both are integrated on the same chip. The cost of designing and developing complex chips is quite high, but when the cost is amortized to millions of units, the price of each chip is the lowest.

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